Exclusive landscapes

Unique landscape photography is art and craft in one. Be inspired by these extraordinary pictures in my photo gallery. Make an appointment. I am looking forward to welcome you. 

_DSF3258_bearbeitet Kopie_XPan_oliverweh

picture shown:



Limited to one unique edition 


The picture won the Special Award "Mist & Fog" at "The International Landscape Photographer of the Year Award 2018".

Realisation Fine art print on Museo portfolio rag matt, laminated on Alu-Dibond.
Handmade frame maple wood, white hand glazed. Passepartout acid free.

Premium glass less than 1% light reflection

Picture motive size: 160 x 59 cm

Size with passe-partout: 191 x 90 cm

Place of photo: Canton Aargau, Switzerland

Price on request.

The journey from experience to unique gallery picture

It is something special to be out there, to explore and appreciate our incredible landscapes and sometimes to try to capture these wonderful moments, moods, feelings and sights. Everything within the rectangular area of the digital image we call a photo. After the first shot, I can review all these sensations and experiences by seeing and editing the original shot on the computer. 

When I see the original recording on the film slide or on the computer. Everything that the memory remembers becomes visible again. All true and essential qualities of the image are taken.


A reserved and careful selection is necessary, if not always desired! Seeing the printed image slowly come out of the printer is a unique thrill. All the vivid details and beauty are slowly revealed millimeter by millimeter until the overall image is complete.


When the finished piece is finally delivered as a complete work, it is definitely a sum of many parts, but the sum perfectly sums up the original moments you feel and see... as a beautiful finished work of art. Worthy for the gallery wall and perhaps for your pleasure in the living room.


It's quite a journey, and all the way back at the beginning, when I felt the transient warmth of the sun on my face and looked at the incredible beauty in front of me, pulling the camera to my eye. I deeply appreciate this moments. 


But now I will remember this moment and enjoy it forever.