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Nature poetry in the moor

"Maurigicae" is a visual work that brings the forest and moor landscape to life. The first rays of the rising sun break through the dense stand of trees and conjure up a magical play of light on the damp ground. The scenery radiates an incomparable tranquility and invites you to dive into the scenery.

Panorama Kunstbild - Oliver Wehrli

The work opens a panoramic window into the magic of the morning in the forest and brings it into your home. With the fresh morning sun, this artwork fills the room with energy and mysticism.

Art print as wall picture. Analog panoramic format.
Wandbild "MAURIGICAE" | Limited Editin of 5

I look forward to your interest in this fresh panorama art picture.

Sincerely, Oliver

Oliver Wehrli

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