Exclusive Art Prints

Unique nature for your rooms

Perfect moments are hard to capture in words – which is where images come in. As a passionate fine art
photographer, these are the moments that I record. For you. For your spaces. Forever. This harmonious effect of moments outside in nature can be transported into the interior via large formats - as in made-to measure prints for aesthetic living and office spaces.

The selling price of a photograph is determined by the total print run, the format, realisation and framing. For each limited edition, the selling price is identically fixed at the beginning.


I would be happy to advise you.

Limited and certified art prints

Each art print is printed on special fine art paper and meets the highest demands. The process is subject to defined criteria and production standards. The prints have a long durability of 60 years. The picture is numbered, signed by hand and delivered with a certificate.

Oliver Wehrli - Fine Art Photography - Schlossweg 21 - 5106 Veltheim

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