In the Fine Art Photography I do not look for simple documentation, but to reflect my personal vision as photo art. This photography combines eye, spirit and handcraft to a complete picture. My special passion for landscape photography became apparent early on and has become the focus of my life in recent years. Nature is the greatest work of art and it is my will to present it. The aesthetics are what I focus on in particular. For my paintings I also like to spend many hours in nature. Sometimes it needs patience. Because only when everything works together, such pictures can be created.


It is not always the long journeys or big motives that are attractive. So my interest is also in the near surroundings. This has the advantage that I can react very spontaneously to weather conditions. For my pictures I often prefer the early morning light for mystical moods that radiate peace. It is the fine colours and the soft light that inspire me.


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  • 2019: Epson International Pano Awards: 5 x Silver Award

  • 2018: the International Landscape Photography of the Year: Special Award Winner

  • 2018: Epson International Pano Awards: 4 x Bronze Award


The camera technique is the basis for my image vision in Fine Art Photography. I photograph with an analog camera in 6x17 panorama format, a large format camera 4x5", or a digital medium format camera. All pictures are single shots.

Oliver Wehrli - Fine Art Photography - Schlossweg 21 - 5106 Veltheim

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