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Authenticity and Aesthetics: Pure Photo Art as an art form

Pure Photo Art – more than just a term, it is a philosophy. It is the search for the perfect crop, the dedication to the art of photography and the absolute will to immortalize authenticity in every image:

PURE – The essence of photography

Pure stands for genuineness and authenticity , for recordings that capture the moment unadulterated and unadorned. Captured analogously on film, a unique connection is created between artist and motif. Pure Photo Art is the synthesis of authenticity and unadulterated large-format photography.


PHOTO – The art of the image

Photo represents the core of photography and the art of capturing it in an image. It is the medium through which I create my works. Through clever composition, choice of format, lighting and technology, an expressive and atmospheric visual language is created. Pure Photo Art goes beyond mere depiction and opens windows to a world that invites you to discover. Pure Photo Art touches and inspires with the genuine photographic art form.

Developed 6x17 slide film on light table
Developed 6x17 slide film on light table

ART – The completion of the work

Art represents the way in which I present my works - as works of art in which all details and facets merge into a harmonious whole. The three-dimensional effect and visual depth are not created through manipulation, but through careful design, experience and specialist knowledge in the interaction of the entire process. Every detail, every facet comes together to form a harmonious whole. The photographs seem to step out of the frame and invite the viewer to immerse themselves in them. Pure Photo Art is not just a technique but a way of life that aims to present such images in their completed form.


The combination of these elements – authenticity ( Pure ), photography as a medium ( Photo ) and artistic presentation ( Art ) – requires considerable effort and in-depth knowledge. “Pure Photo Art” is therefore not just a name, but a claim.

MAURIGICAE - art picture in the interior
"The camera is my language, nature is my inspiration. In every image I speak the words of authenticity and unadulterated beauty to show their essence in its purest form - that is the core of Pure Photo Art."

I cordially invite you to share your thoughts and continue the dialogue about the fascinating connection between art, photography and authenticity.

Best regards


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