Museum quality wall pictures

Pictures for your office or your home

Due to the natural effect, wall pictures of nature and landscape are suitable for almost every room. Especially through large formats, this harmonious effect of moments in nature can be transported into the interior. 


The central criterion in Oliver Wehrli's art prints is the quality of the finished picture and the conformity of the print and its effect with the original picture vision. Each art print is printed on selected fine art paper and produced with high-quality materials and by hand in Switzerland in the canton of Aargau. The art prints promise a long life of more than 70 years. The process is subject to established criteria and production standards and is personally signed and issued with a certificate.


The selling price of a photograph depends on the format, the finish as well as the total number of copies in a limited edition.


Do you like a picture? We would be happy to discuss the execution and also show you some examples on site. I look forward to your enquiry.

The journey to the unique gallery picture

For Oliver Wehrli it is something special to be outside, to explore and appreciate our landscapes and to photograph these wonderful moments, moods, feelings and sights in all their sensations. Anything within the rectangular area of the digital image that we call a photograph. Watching the printed image slowly emerge from the printer is a unique thrill. All the vivid details and beauty are slowly revealed millimeter by millimeter until the big picture is complete.


It is quite a journey to the finished picture as a finished work of art and a sum of many parts. It fits perfectly with the original moment you felt and saw. Worthy for the gallery wall and maybe for your enjoyment.

Commissioned images - individual images

Would you like exclusive, individual pictures for your company, your office or your apartment? Contact Me. Together we will discuss your wishes and I will realize your ideas.