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Large format murals

Experience my works up close. The art prints give rooms an atmospheric freshness and balance. Each picture carries a unique quality and vision, personally signed and certified. Dive in and get inspired by some examples.

Artwork in 6-meter format

My art works bring the power of nature directly into the room. The size and artful implementation creates visual depth, while the images convey positive effects such as stress reduction and relaxation. They create natural harmony and transform the interior into an oasis of calm.

Quality, expression and artistic vision are at the heart of my art paintings. Every little detail, every hue and nuance is carefully treated to preserve the true essence of the work of art. The selling price depends on the format, design and total edition for a limited edition.

Ready to liven up your rooms with unique images? Then I look forward to hearing from you.

  Or call now: +41 79 838 60 44  

The journey to a unique art image

Each finished image is a sum of parts carefully put together, underscoring the idea that art is an interplay of creativity, technique and personal vision.


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