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The art of purity in perfection

The harmony of nature in space: large-format murals of nature and landscape

Murals of nature and landscapes open a window to the outside world and create an atmosphere of freshness and balance in the room. The size gives impressive visual depth.

Quality and artistic vision are at the heart of Oliver Wehrli's art images.Every little detail, every hue and nuance is carefully treated to preserve the true essence of the work of art. Each art picture is personally signed by Oliver Wehrli, which emphasizes the connection between the artist and his work. An accompanying certificate confirms the authenticity and uniqueness of the work of art.


The selling price depends on the format, design and total edition for a limited edition.


Are you impressed by a particular image? Let me offer you personal advice and even present some examples on site. I await your inquiry with pleasure.

The journey to the unique gallery picture

The idea that each finished image is a sum of parts carefully put together reinforces the idea that art is an interplay of creativity, technique and personal vision.


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