For over 20 years, Swiss landscape photographer Oliver Wehrli has combined photography, technology and nature to create photographs that speak a silent yet forceful language. Fine art landscape photography in particular has become the focus of his work in recent years. He prefers realistic depictions that appear natural and subtle, showing landscapes unchanged in order to remind the viewer of the beauty of nature without detours via abstraction. He finds his motifs in the close surroundings of his native Switzerland as well as in the vast landscapes of Europe or New Zealand. The photographer prefers to go out into nature with an analogue camera. For him, analogue photography represents the reduction to the essential - namely composing and capturing the image. Oliver Wehrli has participated in various exhibitions. His landscape photography has already received several awards, including the IPA International Photography Award in 2020 for his "Brouillard III" photograph.


All the photographs shown are single shots taken in the analogue large format 4x5'', in the digital medium format or with a panorama camera in the format 6x17. 

International Awards

  • 2022: Fine Art Photography Awards: 9 x Nominee in different categories: Landscape, Nature, Panoramic

  • 2021: Epson International Pano Awards: Winner category  (Movie shot with the highest score) + Silver award

  • 2021: ipa (International Photo Awards): 3 x  Honorable Mention with  « SILENCE », « SERENITY » and « PATHS OF THE FOREST »

  • 2020: ipa (International Photo Awards):  1st place  with " BROUILLARD III "

  • 2019: Epson International Pano Awards: 5 x silver awards

  • 2018: the International Landscape Photography of the Year: Special Prize Winner,  Category Fog  with «RUSTLE OF COLOURFUL LEAVES»

  • 2018: Epson International Pano Awards:  4 x bronze award