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For over 20 years, internationally award-winning Swiss landscape photographer Oliver Wehrli has combined photography and nature to create images that speak a silent and mystical yet haunting language. He prefers realistic representations that appear natural and unobtrusive and depict landscapes unchanged in order to remind the viewer of the beauty of nature without detours via abstraction.


He goes into the deep stillness of nature, primarily with a large-format analog camera, in order to depict a real vision of reality - without artificial techniques, without embellished side effects. What is seen is captured in its real, abstract, almost inconspicuous form when the light hits the film through the lens and exposes it. His landscape photographs have already received several international awards, including in 2018 the Special Award Mist & Fog at the International Landscape Photographer of the Year with the picture “Buntes Rückenrusteln” and in 2020 the IPA International Photography Award for his picture “Brouillard III”.

His sense of aesthetics is evident in his works, which he pursues and implements down to the last detail. Each of his art images is printed on selected fine art paper and made with high-quality materials and by hand in Switzerland. 

International Awards

  • 2023 Fine Art Photography Awards: 2 x nominated with "Woodland Senses" and "Voice of Spring".

  • 2022 ipa (International Photo Awards): 4 x Official Selection

  • 2022 Fine Art Photography Awards: 9 x nominated in different categories: Landscape, Nature, Panoramic

  • 2021 Epson International Pano Awards: Winner category  (Movie shot with the highest score) + Silver award

  • 2021 ipa (International Photo Awards): 3 x  Honorable Mention

  • 2020 ipa (International Photo Awards):  1st place  with " BROUILLARD III "

  • 2019 Epson International Pano Awards: 5 x silver awards

  • 2018 the International Landscape Photography of the Year: Special Prize Winner,  Category Fog  with «RUSTLE OF COLOURFUL LEAVES»

  • 2018 Epson International Pano Awards:  4 x bronze award

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