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Oliver Wehrli  - Monteverde Cloud Forest - Fine Art Landschaftsfotograf

There is a magical atmosphere when I enter the cloud forest. A green paradise! I pause, breathe the humid and fresh air, admire primeval trees, tree ferns, moss, epiphytes and hanging lianas. A unique flora and fauna exists in this rainforest. Wafts of fog rise between the plants, it drips from the treetops and birdsong can be heard from different directions. Silent and amazed, I roam through this green thicket with my analogue panorama camera. Always attentively looking for an ideal angle for a picture. The photography in the dense rainforest demands all senses and experiences. But the effort is worth it for this extraordinary place. 

monteverde Bird's timbers
Oliver Wehrli - Fine Art Landschaftsfotograf

Verschönern Sie Ihre Räume mit Kunst und Natur

Each work of art is the result of careful design with attention to the smallest detail. The pictures were taken analogously on slide color film in panorama format, and each of these unique works of art is available in limited numbers and in different sizes. Get your own piece of these extraordinary works and immerse yourself in the captivating colors, shapes and moods of Monteverde whenever you choose.

Print sizes without frame:

195 x 65 cm: Limited edition of 4

210 x 70 cm: Limited edition of 4

240 x 80 cm: Limited edition of 3

300 x 100 cm: Limited edition of 1

Fine Art Wandbild im Wohnzimmer: MONTEVERDE #2
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