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CRISTALLUM - The enchantment in the frost

The image, in which the white and crystalline beauty is the focus, takes you into a world of elegance and purity. The crystal clear frost pattern on the tree's branches speaks of cold nights and the dance of mist between the trees. It's like peering into a dimension where time stands still and the world rests in harmonious balance.  

CRISTALLUM - Fine art landscape photography art picture in large analog format 4x5"

The choice of title, "Cristallum", not only emphasizes the clear and frosty beauty, but also gives the image a touch of mysticism.

The picture was taken analogue in 4x5" Large format shot on slide color film (FUJIFILM Provia100F) and is available in a limited edition.

Fine art art picture "CRISTALLUM"
CRISTALLUM as an art picture | 80 x 100 cm print

I would be happy to advise you on the appropriate implementation.

With creative regards

Oliver Wehrli

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