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The charm of gnarled olive trees made me dream of such a picture in late summer before I left for Calabria. The panorama picture was to be created in a magnificent olive grove with centuries-old olive trees. It was on the last evening before my departure when I decided, late at night, over a grappa, to get up again the next morning and walk to the olive grove I had discovered the day before. When I set off early in the morning, the air was still fresh and the temperature pleasant.

Once there, the sun was already rising above the first treetops on the horizon. The air quickly became warmer and muggier. Add to that the Mediterranean scent and the feeling of the dry earth under your feet. Wonderful! But now my attention was focused on the appropriate image detail and the precise light measurement. Once again, full concentration so as not to make a mistake. Because the sun moves fast. Adjust again and release a second time. Was everything right? I only knew for sure after returning to Switzerland and developing the film. But at that point I was relaxed, because I knew the picture was in my memory. When I saw the developed slide on the light board for the first time, my eyes lit up with joy. It was like magic! I imagined myself standing there once again.

Analogue panorama picture from olive grove: ULIVETO

I would be happy to advise you on the realisation of this picture as a fine art wall picture.

I look forward to your enquiry.



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