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Day workshop forest photography in the Jurapark Aargau

Photographing forests and trees is a separate discipline in photography and is one of the most diverse topics in landscape photography. It also brings with it a lot of challenges. A few factors and details determine a harmonious forest image and such photos are not taken by chance or incidentally. For example, finding compositions in the forest is particularly challenging. You can quickly lose track of things in the tangle of trunks, branches and leaves.


In the midst of the fresh green season, this photography workshop offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of forests and tree landscapes in the Aargau Jura Park. You'll learn how to take impressive photos in the forest and with trees. As an experienced photographer of tree and forest landscapes, I will introduce you to the secrets of this photography and share with you my home territory, where numerous impressive photos were taken.


This workshop will be held with a small number of participants of a maximum of three people.

New date will follow in fall 2024 or spring 2025.

Start : sunrise (exact time and meeting point will be announced in advance)

End : from approx. 17:00

There are breaks in between or as needed and during lunch together.


Thank you for registering for the intensive forest photography course!

You will shortly receive an e-mail as confirmation.

Kind regards, Oliver

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